Elder Latimer is in Love

Elder  Latimer, a young Mormon from the United States comes to London. Being there his world of absolutes starts to crumble. He falls in love with Dina, a young
Muslim who is even more convinced of her faith than he is of his, and so questions of
love, truth and faith take on a whole new meaning. 13 white multifunctional boxes used for various imaginative effects constitute the main props of the stage. According to the various scenes, the boxes are arranged differently by the actors while creating new settings. Thus, the actors interact with the props and vice versa.

The stage is surrounded by scaffolds covered by transparent membrane. Using LED lighting technique various colours are reflected on the white boxes, shining through the transparent membrane. Given the fact that scenes are changing quickly and the play switches between different plots, the lighting concepts help the audience to
identify and match the different scenes belonging to the same plot.

„The whole cast give delightful and sensitive performances in this beautifully written play. Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh’s direction encourages them to bring out all the humour of the very natural sounding text. He uses Moritz Behrens‘ set of small and large white boxes to move his actors in a way that sometimes parallels the development of their relationships –they also provide a convenient way of making all the necessary hand-props readily accessible, for the whole cast stay on stage through almost all the action.

I was held and touched throughout. When things get very serious Heaps is a tremulously emotional Jaden and Aalia as Ella sustains a powerfully accusing speech … Is it only preaching to the converted? No for this is not a play that preaches. It works because it seems so natural and honest and is so enjoyable to watch.“

Howard Loxton, reviewed in The British Theatre Guide:

Elder Latimer is in Love
Writer: Sebastian Michael / Director: Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh /                                     Set Design: Moritz Behrens
Arcola Theatre, London
September 2009

berzsenyi bellaagh

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